Happy New Year & in the New York Times!

I'm an environmentalist, I always have been and at times it shows up in my lyrics as in Looking For An Island, Athabasca, Company Oil, I Need To Know etc.
I'm active in a group in Norway that advocates against accepting sponsorship from oil companies and was quoted in an article that the NYT wrote. 

“Basically, you’re a billboard for an oil company,” Martin Hagfors, a musician, said in an interview in his studio in Oslo’s lively Gronland district. “And if you have any sense that we need to change direction, you can’t be a billboard for an oil company.”

Anyhow, let's start taking global warming more seriously and I wish we could spend as much money fighting a war for our planet as we do fighting the so called war on terror...

Norwegians Turn Ambivalent on Statoil, Their Economic Bedrock