London Dry - she's out!

The album is finally out and the Norwegian press has given us some great reviews! Besides that, Trump is guilty on all charges, lock him up, lock him up, lock him up!

Stream the album here


buy the extended…

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Aslag Haugen & Martin Hagfors

                                                   New music on the way!

New album out October 23 - Sjeldne skjell!

Norway's Meg og kammeraten min, aka their English alterego Mr. E & Me and New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids (Naxos), is the act to follow for catchy, eloquent, contemporary pop music for children. MOKM have toured extensively over the…

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New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids



On Sept 13th, yepp Friday the 13th! I will be releasing a new album on the NAXOS label.

The album is called New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids and the band name is Mr. E &amp…

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Ellen Andrea Wang

I was lucky enough to get a call from Ellen this spring asking me to collaborate on lyrics for her new album.

The process and evolving friendship was one of this years highlights, and now the album Blank Out…

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playing for the bambino's!

                                                     This fall I've been around Norway promoting the new children's album and playing for some great kids!

                                                                              Here's a photo from Oslo Concert Hall with The Norwegian Girls Choir