Anson Funderburgh & Sam Myers Cruise Cafe, Oslo, N. July 11th 1991


Anson Funderburgh and The Rockets featuring Sam Myers is one of my most requested artists on weeklyleaks. I worked with Anson on several occasions on both sides of the Atlantic and it was always a pleasure. Anson is a gentleman, he is a tasteful, melodic and needle sharp guitar player. The late Sam Myers is the featured vocalist and harmonica player in The Rockets and was for the bulk of Ansons's early career. As you can hear from the enthusiastic crowd Anson & co had a very dedicated following in Oslo, they were also a very disciplined band and the stage levels were moderate giving me the opportunity to bring out the full band in the mix, so this tape sounds pretty good. Oh yeah, I can also hear a really sweet sounding Yamaha CP 70 piano in the mix...

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Sam Myers Vocals/harmonica
Matt McCabe Piano
Danny Cohran Drums
Jim Milan Bass