Tom Verlaine Beach Club Oslo Sept 30 1991

This is a strange but entertaining concert from one of post punks greatest songwriters.
The strangest thing is the setting at The Beach Club, a burger joint in Oslo's waterfront not too far from the now defunkt Cruise Cafe. The Beach Club is still around, I think its bigger than it used to be as are a lot of things in Oslo...
The show is accoustic, they didn't have a stage and I seem to remember mixing this on a small hired sound system. Tom Verlaine is one of my favorite guitar players and his work on the Fender Telecaster is totally unique especially considering how many people have played that guitar..but as I said, this show is accoustic, low keyed and entertaining.

Oh if you're ever in Oslo, stop by the music club Mono , they have a cool painting of Verlaine displyed out backĀ  follow this link..

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