Me and my buddy-Meg og kammeraten min!

I have spent the last year working almost exclusively on my norwegian language children’s project; Meg og kammeraten min (Me & My Buddy) 

Last year we released an album on Friday the 13th of February, not a smart move as my buddy, Gebhardt chose to leave the project shortly thereafter, superstition?! Anyhow the album got some excellent reviews and I called in another buddy Erik Johannessen who also plays in my solo band and asked him to join forces, a gentleman if there ever was one and an excellent musician, composer and arranger. He also  plays trombone in the brilliant  Jaga Jazzist. We have tweaked our live shows, swapped the banjo with the trombone the zither harp with electric lo-fi xylophone and the results have been extremely inspiring. So inspired that we’ve just finished a new album to be released in May. Ostepop has been nominated for a norwegian grammy, fingers crossed, but as always I feel the latest album is better!