Quotes By Martin


Ok my mind is made up, now I'll do my face

I'm so well off I don't want to be on anymore

It's now or never all over again

Keep biking, you ride and can't drive yourself crazy. Just a thought.

I've got the bucket in my line of sight but not quite dead yet

I have made up my mind and the my answer is maybe

Half the time I don't know what's going on, the rest is behind me

If you keep on looking back you'll lose sight of what's ahead

I can't remember signing up for today

The deeper the dirt the thicker the skin

Being five minutes late doesn't buy you time

Tomorrow will be forgotten today

I wish that was funny, I wish everything was funny

In the meantime is basically all the time we've got

I had no idea I was using my brain

In a perfect world we were content being monkeys

Being negative gives me great pleasure and makes me laugh

Before there were bridges, water still ran under them

Run from the rain and you won't see the Sun

Look to both sides to get the whole picture

What's on your breath came from your mouth

Aggressive drivers have just realized they're driving through life in circles