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Giant Sand-Cruise Cafe-20th Feb 1990 


Howie Gelb visited Oslo in Feb 1990 with his Giant Sand. This was a very relaxed show and I'm not sure, but I hoped I mixed it loud!!
Excellent indie rock vibe and loose lip from the great Howie Gelb, he had with him John Convertino who went on to co found Calexico and Mark Walton who was a regular sideman for Steve Wynn's Dream Syndicate. Well I found the cassette but I can't remember much from the show, maybe I ate one great Cruise Cafe burger too many or it could have been the beer..This seems to be the end of the show, I've got to find the beginning, will look for it, promise!

Howie Gelb guitar, vocals
Mark Walton bass
John Convertino drums

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